Kosharnaya Galina Borisovna



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440026, Penza, 40 Krasnaya St.
Phone: +7(8412) 368215
E-mail: k-siup@mail.ru

Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor

Head of the Department of Sociology and Personnel Management of Penza State University

- economic sociology;
- business sociology;
- sociology of work;
- youth sociology;
- social structure;
- transformation of values in Russian society

Opponency review of PhD theses at National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University and Tambov State University named after G. R. Derzhavin

Gratitude of the Governor of the Penza Region (2017);
Certificate of Honour of the Legislative Assembly of Penza Region (2010, 2015);
Medal of the MSU “For contribution to the development of sociological education in Russia” (2009).
1. Grant of the RFH (No. 08-03-28301 a/B) “The Impact of Socio-Cultural Values on the Life Strategies of the Working Population of the Penza Region in the Changing Socio-Economic Conditions of Russia”
2. Grant of the RFH (12-03-00116) “Dynamics of values and orientations of student youth of the Volga Federal District in the context of socio-cultural modernization of Russia”
3. Grant of the RFH (No. 15-03-00382 a) “Consolidation of various social layers and groups of polyethnic Volga regions based on common cultural norms and common value priorities in the context of modern Russia”

From 2002 to 2018 more than 20 Candidates of Sociological Sciences were trained

Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists;
Member of the National Union of Personnel Training Organizations in the field of Personnel Management

Member of the Editorial Board of journals:
1. University Proceedings. Volga Region. Social Sciences;
2. Bulletin of the Tambov University. Social Science Series;
3. International scientific-theoretical and applied journal “Social and Economic Phenomena and Processes”. Section “Law and Society (Sociological Sciences)”.
Member of the expert council of journals:
1. Bulletin of Mordovia University. Series “Humanitarian, socio-economic and social sciences”;
2. Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Series: Sociology.

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Socio-Cultural Factors of Consolidation of the Modern Russian Society” (2017); report: Development of entrepreneurship in the conditions of modernization of Russian society (gender aspect);
International scientific-practical conference “Traditional, modern and transitory in the context of the modernization of the Russian society” (2017); report: Personnel commitment as a factor in the stabilization of the workforce;
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Issues of Human Ecology: Social Aspects" (2017); report: The Impact of Marital Status on of poverty level of the population (Regional Aspect);
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Helping Professions: Scientific Justification and Innovative Technologies” (2017); report: Social support of the population as the main direction of overcoming poverty;
All-Russian Sociological Congress. Russian Society of Sociologists. Sociology and society: social inequality and social justice. (2016); report: Adaptation strategies in certain segments of the region’s poor population (by the example of the Penza region);
All-Russian Conference with International Participation XV Dridzje Readings “Power and Control Diagnostics: Communication Mechanisms and “Double Standards” (2016); report: Trust in the Power Vertical in Regional Society.


Monographs and scientific publication (preprint):
1. Kosharnaya G.B. Social space of Russian regions: a collective monograph. Moscow: Institute of Sociology of the RAS, 2017
2. Socio-cultural factors of consolidation of the population of polyethnic regions of the Volga region: monograph. Ed. Kosharnaya G. B. Ulyanovsk: Zebra, 2016
3. Kosharnaya G. B., Barsukova S.A., Korzh N.V., Redya G.P., Tolubaeva L.T., Shchanina E.V. Regions of the Volga region in the context of consolidation realities: preprint. Penza: PSU Publishing House, 2015
4. . Kosharnaya G. B., Korzh N.V., Tolubaeva L.T. Values and value orientations of student youth of the Volga region: monograph. Penza: PSU Publishing House, 2013
Journal articles included in the Web of Science or Scopus:
1. Gusairov V.S., Kosharnaya G.B., Shavyrina I.V., Demenenko I.A. Customer-oriented approach as management technology of high school development. European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Volume XXXV (35) eISSN: 2357-1330, 2018, pp.
2. Kosharnaya G., Orlova L., Danilova E., Shchanina E., Korzh N. Quality of entrepreneurship education as a key factor in youth business development. Calidad de la educación empresarial como un factor clave en el desarrollo juvenil en negocios. Revista ESPACIOS, vol. 39, no. 35.ISSN: 0798 1015, 2018, pp.
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4. Misuno A.V., Kosharnaya G.B. Teaching sociology at an engineering technical university. Sociological Research, 1993, no. 11, pp. 46
Articles in journals included in the list of VAK:
1. Kosharnaya G.B., Dmitriev R.V. Social responsibility of business in the regional society. Regionology, 2017, vol. 25, no. 2 (99), pp. 294-305
2. Kosharnaya G.B., Ionova O.V. Students’ relation to physical education and sport. Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge, 2017, no. 9, pp. 263-270
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